Camp Pataha

Property Types: Recreational

$295,000 / 375 Acres / Available

  • $295,000
  • Total Acres:375
  • Closest Town:Pomeroy, WA
  • County:Garfield County
  • Property Type: Recreational
  • Home Style: none
  • State Hunting Unit: 148
  • ATV/Off Road
  • Campground
  • Equestrian
  • Fishing
  • House/Cabin
  • Hunting - Big Game
  • Hunting - Predator/Varmint
  • Hunting - Small Game
  • Hunting - Turkey
  • Hunting - Upland Birds
  • Mineral Rights
  • Outbuilding/Barn/Shed
  • Waterfront
  • Total Acres: 375
  • Deeded Acres:375.00
  • Zoning: Ag
  • Tillable/Crop/Orchard/Timber Acres 0.00
  • Irrigated Acres 0.00
  • Topography: rolling to steep
  • Vegetation: native
  • Source of Lot Size: Survey
  • No Of Homes: 0
  • Home Construction type: none
  • Home Stype: none
  • Bedrooms(s): 0
  • Full Bath: 0
  • Year of Build: unknown
  • No of Outbuildings: 2
  • Outbuilding Types: dry cabins
  • Fence Lot: 0


Pomeroy, Washington isn't much of anything as far as towns go.   It's a little bitty dot on the map where you can get an afternoon bite at a local bar, fuel up, and get back on the road.  But what surrounds this almost-ghost town is thousands of acres of stellar hunting and recreational opportunity.

This is a strong farming community where neighbors often sell land to each other rather than make it available on the open market.   The sparsely populated hillsides are favored by wildlife and the rivers and creeks are bountiful with steelhead trout, sockeye and chinook salmon.   Restoration efforts over the last few decades have increased the flow of Snake River tributaries like Pataha Creek allowing fish populations to thrive the way they did 100+ years ago.

Imagine my excitement when I took a listing for 375 acres of wildlife preserve that's been cultivated explicitly to attract the best quality game in Eastern Washington.   The string of non-contingent parcels are connected by private easements to each other and to the county road along Pataha Creek. Before I'd even stepped foot on the property I'd already seen two pheasant roosters and half a dozen white tails.   Granted, it was mating season, but the size of the roosters and the number of deer in the middle of the day seemed like a good omen.

Rolling along Rickman Gulch Rd about three and a quarter miles you'll arrive at a large barn which indicates the location of the northerly easement to access the property.   While I refer to this access as 'the northerly easement' it's important to understand that it doesn't lead to the most northerly portion of the property; the point at which it terminates between Double Draw and Big Draw (see map for references) is roughly three quarters of a mile south of the northern border of the property that's for sale.   The easement isn't plainly marked so be sure you've got an updated map to ensure you don't drive through Farmer Barr's wheat fields. Text or email me for the interactive map.

Approaching 'Double Draw' we spotted a small herd of young white tails & I captured a bit of footage facing north over the southerly of the two draws.

After taking in the view towards Sweeney Gulch for a bit I hopped back in the truck & followed the easement back out to Rickman Gulch and continued south to the other easement.   The southerly easement does lead to the southern-most portion of the property and this is the parcel where the Southern Cabin is located.

Both cabins are simple construction, approximately 10' x 12', dry cabins; no running water or power.   They feature closing doors & operable windows to provide sufficient shelter from the elements and any wayward predators while not alarming game who are now used to their presence.

Making my way down towards Pataha Creek where it cuts through the south eastern corner of this parcel, I followed the 4x4 trail to a flat spot right next to the creek where the reeds were tall and the trees were leafing out in still-cool mid April.   I found evidence of elk following the same trail & wandering along the creekside where I walked myself.   The size of the hoof prints made me suspect that the most recent visitor had been a mature buck.   I stood for a moment observing the swift-moving creek listening to the wind across the hills.

The next stop on my adventure was the Northern Cabin; nearly identical to the first, this cabin is located on the next parcel on the string of pearls and even has a little porch from which previous visitors have strummed guitars as the sun set, watched mule deer, elk, and whitetail, and reconnected to mother earth in ways you simply can't achieve at the city park or botanical gardens.

After I checked out the second cabin I decided it was time to hop on the quad & check out the rest of the acreage.   The easements between parcels generally follow the edge of the planted wheat field.   Once I could see where I had come in with the pick up on the northerly access easement I headed downhill towards Pataha Creek.

I was surprised how far up the other side of the ravine the property covered and as close as I was to the creek, the foliage was so thick, I still couldn't see it.   I headed back up the hill realizing it seemed far more steep looking up than it had when I was at the top looking down!   The terrain is quite rugged, which is precisely why it attracts the wildlife it does - there's a natural sense of safety within the confines of the creek canyon for wildlife and fowl.   Wide open and rolling terrain is a completely different hunting and birding experience from Camp Pataha; the game are drawn to the creek at the bottom of the hill and that's where you're going to be watching.   Plan on using a quad or a side-by-side to get down the terrain for your kill unless you're a beast & can hoof it like the seller has done more than once!

The seller has loved hunting this property for the past 20 years selling guided hunts, bringing friends & family for weekend camping trips and first harvests, and knows the new steward/hunter is going to love and care for the land just as he did.   Through Brad's conservation efforts this property has become so heavily laden with game that it was featured on Winchester's World of Whitetails in the episode titled, "No Country for Old Guns."

 The seller is willing to carry back a loan with 20% down (call for additional terms).   I'm confident this property won't stay on the market through the season, someone is going to grab it up before deer season, if you want the trophy of your life, make sure you're the one to grab it!


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