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Eric's passion for rural living began as a kid. His parents bought raw land up in the mountains of Northern California in the early 80's. That meant that nearly every weekend, Eric and his dad were there working to clear trees, build roads and a small cabin. After several years, the family had a place that they could escape town and enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors.
Eric's other passion, flying, started while he was in High School. Saving money from summer jobs, he began taking lessons flying airplanes and earned his pilots license at the age of 17. After 2 years of college and wanting to serve his country, Eric joined the Army. The Army gave him the opportunity to fly helicopters which opened up a completely new and exciting way to see the world.
After leaving the Army, Eric spent nearly 20 years flying helicopters all over the country, including Alaska. Working in some of the most remote and beautiful places and always looking for some land to call home. He found that in NE Washington, where he has lived for the last 15 years. This was raw land and needing a lot of work. Once again, Eric set to work clearing trees, building roads and a cabin of his own.
Eric understands the rural lifestyle. He has lived it! He understands the challenges and rewards of living far from the comforts of the city. He also understands the challenges in finding the perfect rural property and the process to actually make that dream into a reality.
After a career flying helicopters, Eric is now pursuing another passion, helping others find their dream rural property.

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