What is a Vineyard


Vineyard is the land where plantation of grapes seed on the field occurs, mainly for winemaking, table grapes and grape juice. A vast area of land is specified for grapes plantation. To increase yield and make profit you need to know some important facts about plantation of grapes seeds, for. E.g. it can grow in any type of soil no such requirements but fertilizers are very necessary as grapes are rich in vitamin K and B2 plus copper and potassium, thus  fertilizer should be chosen with extreme care  containing copper and potassium to have healthy and proper growth. Moreover, grapes need slightly acidic condition for optimum growth hence fertilizers with high amount of H positive ions should be used. Sunlight plays important role in its growth as it activates the reaction center of the plant photosynthetic pigments PS1 and PS2, thus initiating the photorespiration process.

The vineyards need proper planting of grape seeds as follow:

  • Dormant seed is chosen
  • A support must be given to growing plan that will make the plant grow upward plus provide immunity from many dieses
  • Plant the seed where there is full sunlight as it is very necessary.
  • Spaces between each seed is important approx 16 feet apart plus 12 inches deep
  • Water is another vital element for plant growth.


    Small Vineyards

    It is well said that drop adding drop makes sea, similarly to start a business you have to start from small and then travel and work hard to make it big, there are many small vineyards for sale in Oregon, vineyards for sale Spain, small vineyards for sale in France  and small vineyards for sale in Italy.  To start you should have minimum of 5 acres of land, it not big or small but moderate and have to plant some seeds accordingly as mentioned above, the farmer have to take good care of the plant he should use right fertilizers as mentioned above, watering of the plant is also very important but excess of water may damage it. Use of insecticide and pesticide is necessary because the plant is not resistant to many diseases and these insecticide and pesticide helps them to be immune and produce good quality of product with better yield. Due to surge in vineyard business many sellers has lower the rates of the farms, thus cheap vineyards for sale are easily accessible for people. It’s a bright chance to own a farm that can earn you healthy amount of money, recent researches shows that vine yards can make earnings up to $ 11,000 per acre and if you cut down the expenses you could get $ 5,000 per acre.

    Now vineyards apartments are trending  and are going for rent as well as sold to many customers, because many people do hobby vine farming and they enjoy it as they live near it.

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