List of Largest Ranches in the US


The US of A is currently home to a few of the biggest ranches in the world. Don’t confuse ranching and farming. Ranches are for raising animals and farms are to produce food. There are many states in USA that are the top dog in the ranching business including Texas, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado and Oregon and so on. Since we’re talking about ranches, your main question might currently be, what is the largest ranch in the United States? WT Waggoner Ranch, which was sold to billionaire Stan Kroenke for $725 million, is one of the oldest and most historical of ranches, spanning across six Texas counties with 520,000 acreages.

Top 10 largest Ranches in the United States of America

10. Cottonwood Canyon Ranch (Big Horn County, Wyoming)

At 50,000 acres, this beautiful piece of land has wildlife including elk, deer, antelope and game birds. When it comes to irrigation, the Greybull River covers up irrigation for the fields. The premium place for hay-production and grazing, there’s not only enough space for these operations, but due to the absence of wolves and grizzlies, Cottonwood Canyon is like a gold pot at the end of the rainbow.

9. McEwen Ranch and Cattle Company (Harney County, Oregon)

This ranch encompasses 52,445 acres including BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land with the permit for grazing operation. This ranch is located in Malheur river in Eastern Oregon near a small ranching community in Crane and, currently runs an operation of breeding over 1500 bulls and cows and produces over 1500 acres worth of hay.

8. Cross Mountain Ranch (Routt County, Colorado)

One of the leading investment opportunity, Cross Mountain is home to a recreation and ranching operation. It is an ecologically diverse land, with many rivers and streams running through it including with several miles of river Yampa, Little Snake and Williams Fork rivers. It is also home to one of the largest herds of elk in North America. Its location is at Northwestern Colorado, covering 54,176 acreages. Find the list of farms and ranches for sale in Oregon here.

7. Howard Mesa Ranch (Coconino County, Arizona)

Located just south of the Grand Canyon National Park, it takes up about 58,561 acreages of desert land. It is a deeded land and has State grazing leases. It consists of deeded land, alternating sections of State Grazing Leases and adversely owned subdivision land that lies in a checkerboard pattern.

6. 60,171+ acres within 26 Ranch (Humboldt County, Nevada)

Approx. 60,000 acres of land, this deeded ranch sprawls across Humboldt, Lander and Eureka Counties and owned and leased by 26 Ranch which is one of US’s leading and oldest ranching operations.

what is the largest ranch in the united states

5. Marton Ranch (Natrona County, Wyoming)

This beauty is home to one of the best wild trout fisheries in Wyoming, including trophy rainbow and brown trout. It has the best habitat for pronghorn antelopes, mule deer, elk, upland game bird and waterfowl birds. It has fantastic grazing operations, has multiple reservoirs, creeks, wells and springs running through it and sprawls about 69,550 acres of land. Marton Ranch was listed for sale on the 3rd June 2016.

4. Walnut Creek and Lazy YU Ranches (Mohave County, Arizona)

One of the largest ranches in America, it covers around 95,424 acres of land. These ranches lay where the deserts Sonoran and Mohave meet, at the sky island of the Hualapai Mountains. At the east end, 75% of the ranch rise up into Hualapai Mountains and on the west end, around 25% of the ranch occupies Sacramento Valley.

3. Continental Divide Ranch (Carbon County, Wyoming)

Continental Divide occupies around 98,424 acres of land and has irrigated-hay meadows, lots of pine and aspen in the Haystack Mountains. It is located near the North Platte River and Haystack Mountain. Near the town of Rawlins in South-central Wyoming, it is one of the largest operating ranches.

2. IX Ranch (Chouteau County, Montana)

One of the leading examples of a legacy ranch on the world map, owned by only two owners in the past 128 years, this ranch occupies 126,000 acreages of land. It runs a small horse-breeding program, 4,000 cattle feeder operation, and also usually hosts recreational activities. It is located in the foothills of Bear Paw Mountains and adjacent to the lands of Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. Currently owned by the fourth generation of Roths, it has many hunting opportunities for elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, mountain lion and five species of upland birds. Find the ranches for sale in Washington state here.

1. Independence Valley Farm and Ranch (Elko County, Nevada)

One of the flags of USA, the Independence Valley Farm and Ranch covers around 150,000 acres of land. It is located near the intersection of I-80 and Highway 93. It currently operates as a cattle ranch and a farm. This goldmine of a property has a lot of resources including gold and oil which simply needs development. It is surrounded by high mountain basins, wheatgrass and endless landscapes.

Largest Cattle Ranch in the US

8. Blair Brothers Angus (Vale, South Dakota)

The Blair Brothers have been in the ranching business for generations and are the founding members of U.S. Premium Beef. They’re responsible for producing the best livestock and meat in the industry.

largest ranches in america

7. Gardiner Angus (Ashland, Kansas)

The family ranching on this land has been working for generations to provide genetically improved livestock in the business. Their reputation exceeds all in the business for its top-notch customer service and a strong network of clientele.

6. Maddux Cattle Company (Waneta, Nebraska)

This Company is sitting on one of the largest private ranches in the US. Since the 1800’s this land has been ranched on by one family. Father and son, John and Jack Maddux are currently running their cattle operation on this 40,000 acres land.

5. N Bar Ranch (Grass Range, Montana)

Around 1,500 cattle grazing on this sprawling 60,000 acres of land, it is owned by billionaire brother Farris and Dan Wikes. This ranching operation has been established since 1885. The entire operation is handled by a staff of three.

4. Padlock Range (Ranchester, Wyoming)

This ranch keeps its herds on the movement of cattle on the move during the months of May and June to allow plants to further grow. It’s been in the ranching business from the past 72 years.

3. Sunlight Ranches Co. (Montana, Wyoming)

One of the biggest cattle ranches on the map of the United States of America, it sits on 190,000 acres of land. In 2009, the Sunlight Ranches Co. has gifted two log cabins and a log studio that was employed by the legendary Will James by the Big Horn County Museum. Find the best idaho ranches for sale here.

2. True Ranches (Wheatland, Wyoming)

This ranch encompasses a large portion of East Wyoming. It is one of the largest cattle operations on the map of the world, raising Angus, black baldy, Charolais, and Hereford cattle. It currently gives jobs to around 90 people from the Rocky Mountain Region.

1. XIT Ranch (Plains, Kansas)

For over a century, the Adams family have been owning and occupying over 100,000 acreages of this land. This ranch works toward providing the best animals in the business including ranch horses and cattle with the best genetics.

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