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Kim Cross knows firsthand how rewarding it is to purchase a rural property in Oregon as well as all of the challenges associated with finding the “right one” for your family’s lifestyle. A native Californian, Kim and her husband, Perry, and teenage son, Ty, began their search for a new home and lifestyle many years ago. Determined to own a rural property they could hunt and fish on, the family moved to Prineville, Oregon last June. Their new property in Central Oregon has elevated their outdoor “hobbies” to a daily lifestyle.  With nearly 200 acres and easy access to public lands, this is a dream come true!

While their move and new home and property purchase was an exciting dream realized, it also had its challenges. Kim is committed to using their experience to help sellers and buyers achieve their real estate goals in a relaxed, enjoyable manner. Perry is a builder with over 25 years of experience, in both residential and commercial projects.  Kim enjoyed being an integral part of the construction business while managing their own projects. Their background in buying, remodeling and selling property gives them a unique perspective to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals.

Most importantly, Kim is a dedicated, conscientious, individual who enjoys all facets of the home buying and selling journey. She will accompany and guide her client from the first step of listing their home, or finding a new property, all the way through to the final moment of realizing their dream.

“We are very blessed to live the lifestyle that we sell”

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